Hi, and welcome to my last Wreath Wednesday post *sob*! I’ve really enjoyed writing and making for this series of posts in the lead up to Christmas and will certainly be introducing more series of posts in 2016. I also hope to create some more non-Christmas wreaths too, so keep an eye out for those. (If you subscribe you can get content straight to your inbox!) This final wreath is a simple stylish wreath. If you want to quickly impress your guests or in-laws with something on trend yet quick to make then this is the wreath for you!


You will need some green garden wire and some florists wire, ribbon, eucalyptus, and a bauble.

simple stylish wreath

Take a length of wire, make it into a double circle shape and cut to size. Bend the two ends into ‘u’ shapes and link together.

stylish wreath

Take a bunch of eucalyptus and group together, for definition make some branches longer than others. You want to end up with a triangle shape of sorts at the top. When happy with the bunch shape, take some florists wire and wind around the stems just up from the bottom. Then wire the group in place to the bottom of the wire circle.


Lay your bunch on the wire ring, turn it over and take some single, short lengths of florists wire and wind around a branch and ring where they meet. Do this in a couple of places, to prevent the branches from falling forward.


Take some ribbon and loop through the top of the wire for hanging.


Take some more ribbon, tie in a bow around the wired stems at the bottom of the bunch. Tie in a bauble on a length of ribbon.


Hang and admire!


eucalyptus wreath makingforliving

wreath wednesday makingforliving

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Wreath Wednesday – Simple, stylish wreath
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