wreath wednesday makingforlivingThis week for Wreath Wednesday I have a video tutorial of how to make a fresh evergreen wreath.

freshgreenwreath makingforliving

Ok, I’d like to clarify, I am not a florist. I have no training in wreath making, this is a video showing how I made the wreath with tips that I have picked up along the way. I hope that this will be a good resource for those of you wanting to make your own fresh greenery wreath. It’s basic tips for a self-starter like me.

rosy green wreath makingforliving

The great thing about these fresh greenery wreaths is that they can be so individual, especially if you use your own greenery from the garden. You can personalise them to your taste, you can add lots of different types of greenery or stick to a few, add lots of flowers or other elements such as decorations, cinnamon sticks, fruit. If you do make your own greenery wreath I would love to see, please take a photo and tag me on Instagram or put it on the Facebook page.

To make a greenery wreath, you will need an oasis floral wreath base, secateurs and scissors, wire snippers, lots of evergreen greenery, fresh flowers, fake berries, ribbon and anything else you might like to add in such as bunches of cinnamon sticks, dried fruit, pinecones etc.

Here’s my top tip for hanging wreaths. If you have a pvc door or a door that you can’t put a nail in, then put one of those temporary sticky hooks upside down on the inside of your door and hang the wreath ribbon over the top of the door.

wreath hook

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Wreath Wednesday – Fresh evergreen wreath

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