Making decorations is a great way to keep it simple at home at Christmas. These star decorations are easy to make and only need simple materials to make.

This year I decided to keep it calm at home with the Christmas decorating in the hope that calmness would translate into the atmosphere in the home over this period that all too often gets over busy, over indulged and over inflated.

I want the period to be focused on what really matters, in life, in the family and in the home. So I’ve muted the decorations to the simple colour scheme of white and light and in the kitchen natural green and silver. Using the white decorations for the tree that we already had and making some simple ones (that can be found in my free gift book for email subscribers!) I realised that the majority of the white decorations I owned were stars. I love stars and had bit of a thing for them last year too when I bought these blue wooden stars at Christmas that have lived on the wall all year round!

wooden stars

I’m aware that the star in the Christmas story was the guide for the wise men: it led them to Jesus. I like that visual reminder of the star and that it leads me to seek out the very presence of Jesus. He is the one who brings the calm, he is the focus and the main thing in the season, in life, and in our family. We are surrounded by stars that remind us to find Jesus, find his presence, his calm in this season that is meant to be a celebration of him but so often becomes all about the celebration and not about being with him.

3 star decorations

clay star

Clay Stars

Materials: Air dry clay, metallic paint or liquid silver leaf
Equipment: Star cookie cutters, rolling pin, chopstick or skewer, paintbrush

Roll out your air dry clay until it is about 7mm thick.
Cut out the stars with the cookie cutter.  Make a hole for hanging in the star with the chopstick or skewer, make sure you make it large enough as it may shrink whilst drying.
Leave to dry overnight, turning once so they don’t bend.
Paint the edges with the paint.
Thread some twine or ribbon through the hole and knot.
Hang on a tree!

3D stars makingforliving

Large 3D foamcore stars

Materials: White foamcore board, twine
Equipment: Paper knife/scalpel, metal rule, cutting mat, star template.

Print out star template at a required size. Draw around the star template twice in pencil onto the foam core.
Carefully, using your rule and knife cut along the lines to cut out your star. You will need to cut through the foamcore a few times to get through the thickness.
At the top of one star cut a slot from the center outer edge to the middle of the star about 5mm thick.
Cut the same slot on another star only from the centre bottom edge to the middle of the star.
Slot the stars together.
Make holes at the tops of the star and thread some twine through the holes and make a loop for hanging the star.

paper stars

Card star garland

Materials: star templates, scrapbook card, twine,
Equipment: pencil, scissors, ruler and tools to score & make a hole.

Print out and cut out the stars template.
Draw round a star on your card.
Cut out the star.
Now using a ruler and mat, score 5 lines across each star using the lines on the original template as your guide. Once you have scored the lines you should be able to gently fold and manipulate your star into a 3D shape. You need to have ‘peaks’ from the star peaks to the centre and ‘troughs’ between the points.
Make a hole in the top of each star. String up the stars with twine through each star.
You can hang them vertically or horizontally on a wall.


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Seeing stars – 3 star decorations to make
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