How to make a ribbon lampshade

For this ribbon lampshade I updated a plain cream lampshade with some strips of ribbon.

I glued strips of ribbon to the inside top and bottom of the lampshade, this way I could make sure that the ribbon strips overlapped in the right way and were hanging straight down the length of the lampshade. It also used a lot less ribbon than wrapping the shade completely with ribbon. The ribbon overlaps the previous ribbon strip more at the bottom of the shade than the top, due to the curvature of the shade.

I used some small craft pegs that I had to hold the ribbon down whilst the glue dried.

lampshade with ribbon

I added a length of ribbon around the outside at the bottom of the shade to finish.

Ribbon lampshade close up

To tidy up the inside I glued a strip of ribbon around the inside top and another on the inside bottom to cover the ends of ribbon. The ribbon I used was Jane Means Blue and Cream Stripe Grosgrain.

It looks great as my bedside table lamp. Now to do a matching one for the other side of the bed!

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Ribbon lampshade – how to cover a lampshade with ribbon
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