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I jazzed up some plain ballet pumps with some ribbon flower rosettes. What is more perfect for spring and summer than flowers?

blue flower shoe clip

These great little ribbon flowers are so easy to make, I used Jane Means Vintage Denim Style Ribbons for the ruffle style flowers. They work for prettifying your flats for going out and aren’t too glam that you can’t wear them every day!  The denim style ribbon looks great with jeans of course.


Blue flower shoe clipGrey ribbon flower shoe clip

You will need: ribbon approx 1m per flower, felt, shoe clips, circle template, scissors, needle and thread, fabric or craft glue

Sew one end of the ribbon down at an angle so that you have a slanted end, continue sewing along the edge of the ribbon with running stitch.

Pull the thread to gather the ribbon until you have a frill, not too tight. Stitch a couple of stitches to holdthe thread in place. Stitch down this end of the ribbon at an angle also.

Cut out 2 circles from felt. Take one circle and stitch a clip to one side, nearer to an edge than the centre of the circle.

Turn over the felt circle and starting in the centre stitch one end of the ribbon to the felt at the gathered edge. Continue to stitch the ribbon on the gathered edge in a spiral out from the centre.

Cut a straight line across the other felt circle so that you trim about 5mm from the circle. Stick this to the back of your shoe flower with the straight edge over the clip. Wait to dry.

Clip onto your ballet pumps and stride out in style!

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Ribbon flower shoe clips
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