Have you ever thought about making a fabric play tent for your children? But you are not quite sure where to start, think that much fabric will be expensive and it will all be just too tricky?

Well this is a simple DIY fabric play tent that is made from a king size duvet cover. Buying a duvet cover or even using an old one is a very simple and inexpensive way to make a play tent that your little ones will love! You can even match the fabric to their own style!

play tent tutorial

This tent is not perfectly sewn or measured but it is a quick fix that will look great in the garden. For this I used a king sized duvet cover from a charity shop, a great way to get a large amount of fabric for a reasonable price. I went for a stripy one that has a circus or beach hut feel to it but a floral or plain one would work just as well.

You will need: king size duvet cover, sewing machine, ribbon, scissors, pins and canes/sticks and this fab play tent pattern of course!

First fold the duvet in half as shown in the diagram, draw, in pencil, on the cover, two lines where the dotted lines are on the diagram below. Cut along the pencil lines through the 4 layers of fabric.

tepee diagram makingforliving.com

You should then have, 3 large, two layer, triangle pieces (one folded in half from the side you folded over of the cover) and 2 smaller, two layer, triangle pieces (from the edges side of the folded cover).

tepee diagram makingforliving.com

The pieces will be two pieces of fabric, (the top side and bottom side of the duvet cover if it were on a bed) and seamed in places already from the duvet cover. Then sew the pieces together as per the diagram below, making seams on the inside of the tepee. Start pinning the pieces together from the wider bottoms of the triangles, when all sewn together, trim down the top and hem.

tepee diagram 3 makingforliving.com

Trim off the duvet cover poppers and hem the bottom edge. Add ribbon ties to the top two sides, and inside four seams to tie to the poles, as per the pink squiggles in the diagram below.
Layout 1


side tie tepee to poles makingforliving.com
tie to canes on the inside

Tie four garden canes or branches together near the top and then spread them out in a square. Drape your fabric piece around and tie around the canes at the top. You will need to overlap the fabric at the top. Then tie the fabric to the poles on the inside of the tepee.

play tepee top makingforliving.com
wrap around at the top and tie in a bow

Place blankets and cushions inside and let them play!

cushion in tepee makingforliving.com


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How to make a play tent from a duvet cover
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