Do you have a friend who loves gardening and you want to give her a gift? Ever thought about giving the gift of seeds? Perhaps you are an avid gardener and save some of the seeds from your own garden and have thought about giving some as a small gift? A small packet of seeds is a lovely gift token of a present. They are really easy to slot into a card and envelope and make just a card a little bit extra special.

I know that the ordinary packets of seed you buy in the garden centre can be quite functional in appearance with all the essential growing information, and look a bit basic to give to someone. Well, I’ve designed some printable gift seed packets to dress up your home grown seeds or basic garden centre seeds so that they look pretty. Here in the UK it is Mother’s Day on the 26th March so I’ve made a Mother’s Day version and a normal gift version. I’ve put them here for you to download, print, cut out and bless someone with a pretty pack of seeds. You’re welcome!

printable seed packet

First print them out.

gift seed packet abi partridge

You’ll find they have a cut line on the outside and a faint dotted line to show you where to fold.

rear seed packet

Fold like so, in the picture above. This may just be about the simplest DIY tutorial I’ve ever written!

Put glue on the side flaps, stick down the folded up back of the packet, fill with seeds, glue down the top flap to seal, et voila!

Printable Mother's Day seed packet

And I hope your little cherubs spoil you rotten on Mother’s Day. Well done you, motherhood is hard, you are doing a fab job.

Here are your downloadable printable gift seed packets:

giftseedpacket.pdf (267 downloads) mothersdayseedpacket.pdf (142 downloads)

If you are reading this on your phone – DON’T WORRY! I can send them to you by email. Just leave your email address with me below and I’ll take good care of it and your printables will come straight to your inbox so you don’t forget them and you can print them from your ‘puter.

Check your email for your printable seed packets

Pin it for later:

pinable gift printable seed packet

pinable md printable seed packet

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Printable gift seed packets
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3 thoughts on “Printable gift seed packets

  • 11th March 2017 at 1:17 pm

    I love this idea, Abi. I don’t have a Mother to send seeds to, except my MIL in Canada, who doesn’t do her own gardening, but I am a keen gardener myself and have some friends I’d love to share some of my seeds with, so thanks for the inspiration.
    Your design is so simple yet pretty. x

  • 23rd March 2017 at 12:11 am

    The seed packet would be cute with a wee tea bag as well! Gift to a friend or loved one. Thank you.


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