I know sometimes you want to get creative and you think that you need to run out to the shops and buy lots of stuff and before you know it your little creative project has cost more than if you bought one ready-made. It’s disheartening and puts you off being creative, especially at Christmas when there are other things to buy. I will show you how to make a Christmas wreath without spending a fortune.

I want to encourage you to get creative without buying new things. You probably have Christmas decorations, ribbon and fabric which can all be utilised in creative ways to make something different.

Here’s a little video to show you how I made a wreath.

How to make a Christmas wreath from items you already own.

This wreath is suitable for an inside door, it won’t stand up to weather.

To make a wreath similar to this one, you will need a wreath form of some description, a polystyrene base like this one works well with fabric because you can pin the fabric in place. Wrap a scarf, fabric or wide ribbon around the form. My scarf was organza type material so it had a lot of stiffness and held folds well. This is not necessary, you could wrap fabric tightly around the form too.

Pin the fabric in place at the rear of the wreath. It doesn’t matter where, no one will see the back.

Wrap a ribbon around, because I wanted the text on the ribbon to show at the front there are twists at the back to keep it looking that way. Pin in place.

Experiment: I tied the ribbon for the bow in about five different ways before I was happy! I had a multi looped bow, large looped, using only the blue velvet, using both. Don’t settle with what you are not happy with, it will look good in the end. I used longer dressmaking pins to pin the bow down as these reached through the fabric into the form.

I added some battery powered star lights, and taped these to the door behind the wreath.

Use a flat headed drawing pin to pin the hanging ribbon to the top of the door, out of sight.

You’ll love it

I love that this wreath includes a favourite decoration of mine. It’s an angel that has little chiming bars on the bottom. It usually goes on the tree but the bars never chime because they need to move to chime. With this wreath when the door moves the bars chime. I also love that this is the first of this year’s wreath series and that it heralds the beginning of the Christmas season, the gold and the herald angel for the King who’s coming.

Have a go at making a wreath from stuff you already have, you get creative time and come up with a new wreath that didn’t cost you a fortune!

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How to make a Christmas wreath without spending a fortune

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