Do you celebrate Easter? It’s a interesting holiday, it doesn’t seem as big or drawn out a celebration culturally as Christmas and yet it’s as important in meaning. It’s a tough one with children because the story encompasses the gamut of emotions, and deals with death, hence the easier deferring to bunnies and eggs. We celebrate and decorate at home for Easter, hang some eggs on trees, make an Easter wreath and gorge on chocolate eggs and eat lamb for Sunday lunch. I love Easter and try to make celebrating Jesus meaningful for the family.

Growing up we were always given chocolate eggs on Easter Sunday morning, there would be creme eggs in egg cups soon replaced by hard boiled eggs alongside soldiers of toast for dunking, and it was the only time we were allowed to eat chocolate before breakfast. My parents always gave me and my brother a book as well, my parents were teachers so books are the gift of choice! I always looked forward to a new book and as a child I was a voracious reader. It’s a tradition that I have continued for my own children.

If you’ve needed soul nourishment that will help you come alive to your creativity, then these books are treasured ones of mine. You may like to buy them as Easter gifts yourself. The links are affiliate links. I also have a book that I am giving away in this month’s gift away!

The Broken Way, a daring path into the abundant life by Ann Voskamp  USA link. UK link
Ann Voskamp has a slow rhytmic style of prose that is poetic. It forces you to taste her words. This book invites you into the broken way of Christ, asks what do we do with our suffering, with the brokenness of all our hearts.

Present over Perfect: leaving behind frantic for a simpler, more soulful way of living by Shauna Niequist .US link. UK Link.
From the back: Stop. Rest. Play. Create. Connect. Cultivate silence. And in that silence, you’ll discover the voice of love you’ve been aching to hear.

Soulfulness, deepening the mindful life by Brian Draper UK link
Beyond learning some mindful techniques, Brian invites us to live soulfully too, how the simplest benefits of mindfulness practice find common ground with the treasures of contemplative Christian practice.

Soul Keeping, caring for the most important part of you by John Ortberg UK Link
A walk through the soul’s requirements and how to find these in God. When you find yourself soul- destroyed or in distress this book can show you how God restores and cares for your soul.

A Million Little Ways, uncovering the art you were meant to live by Emily P. Freeman. US LinkUK Link.
a deep breath that encourages you to live out the life your life, your art in a million little ways

Simply Tuesday, Small-Moment living in a Fast-Moving World by Emily P. Freeman US link. UK link.
Tuesday being that day which is most like our everyday, normal life, how to believe in the life that Jesus is building in us. It’s an invitation to celebrate small, find contentment in the tuesdays and as Emily’s blog states: space for your soul to breathe.

Never Unfriended, the secret to finding and keeping lasting friendships by Lisa-Jo Baker US link. UK link
A long term reader of Lisa-Jo’s blog I like her humourous take on being a mum and being a friend. If you’ve ever struggled with friendships this book will gently lead you into risking friendship again.

The Power of Different, the link between disorder and genius Dr Gail Saltz. US link. UK link.
I randomly picked this up in the library and found it to be an interesting look at the brain. From the back: It examines the latest scientific discoveries surrounding all manner of different brain ‘problems’ – including learning disabilities, ADHD, anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and autism and shows how the source of our struggles can be the origin of our greatest talents and strengths. If you are at all interested in the brain and how it works it is a fascinating reference read.

Rising Strong by Brene Brown. US link. UK link
For anyone who has dared greatly and fallen, how to pick yourself up and be brave again. How the stories we tell ourselves, keep us stuck in a cycle of fear, self-doubt and regret.

Write without crushing your soul, by Ed Cyzewski. US link. UK link.
It’s a useful guide for healthy writing practices for Christians, navigating the world of writing, publishing and promoting sustainably.

The Way of the Heart, the spirituality of the Desert Fathers and Mothers by Henri Nouwen. US link. UK Link
A short practical story and guide on spiritual practices of solitude, silence and prayer.


This week I ordered a copy of Emily P. Freeman’s new It’s Simply Tuesday colouring book and I have another copy to gift away. If you would like to be entered with a chance to win simply sign up here, I will run the draw next week for people on my email list.

Happy Easter!

Books for soulful, creative nourishment or Easter book gift guide

One thought on “Books for soulful, creative nourishment or Easter book gift guide

  • 11th April 2017 at 12:18 pm

    We decorate to celebrate Easter too. For us, we mark Easter as a time for re-birth and new beginnings and spend time together as a family of six, mostly eating and relaxing together. As the kids get older and independent it’s nice to have that time put aside for some quality family time.
    Wishing you and your family a blessed Easter. x


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