Does your mum like baths? Here’s a recipe for simple bath salts that smell amazing and will soften her skin. They also look gorgeous packaged in a vintage style milk bottle in their pastel milky colours. At the bottom you can find a printable pdf for the bottle labels for your bottle. If you don’t have a bottle you could always use a jar. They are great fun to make but always follow the instructions when using cosmetic products. They really smell beautiful!

Bath salts vintage milk bottles

You will need: a bottle, 1/2cup epsom salts, 1/2 cup of sea salt, 1 teaspoon of almond oil, 5 ish drops of lavender oil or rose scent, a few drops of cosmetic red and blue colour, 50cm ribbon, labels, a bowl to mix and a teaspoon.

Put all ingredients into a bowl, add a few drops of colour, (for the lavender colour use a few drops of blue and a couple of red, for the rose pink a few drops of red) and stir until you reach the required colour. Spoon your bath salts into a bottle and screw on a lid. Trim out your label and stick to the bottle. Tie some ribbon round your bottle in a bow. Give your bath salts to your mum or someone special or keep in your bathroom for yourself!

These guys are great for ordering cosmetic colours from.

Heres the printable labels: MFLbathsaltslabels

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Bath Salts in vintage milk bottle

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