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This mini fabric wreath is a beautiful and effective decoration to make for Christmas. It can suit any colour or theme for your tree. Using an old curtain ring, scraps of fabric, left over buttons and ribbons it can be an inexpensive decoration to make.

Mini fabric wreath

To make a mini fabric wreath

You will need:  a strip of fabric or a ribbon about 3cm in width, buttons, florists wire, curtain ring, ribbon, string, needle and thread, scissors.

For this decoration I used a wooden curtain ring, they are the kind of thing that you often have a spare one of at home or can pick up cheaply in a charity shop!

First take your fabric strip or ribbon and wrap around your ring, starting at the top. When you reach the top again, trim off any left over fabric/ribbon and stitch the end in place with a needle and thread at the back of the ring.

Take some florists wire and thread through a button, leaving a one shorter end of the wire, but enough to wrap around the ring. When threaded through the 4 holes, wrap the wire around the back of the ring to hold the button in place. Cut the wire and do the same with  2 other buttons.

If you have a heart shaped button then use a piece of wire to thread through the heart shape button in the centre. Then wind the ends of wire from the back around the eye ring at the top so that the button is hanging in the middle of the wreath. Or  you can leave out this bit if you wish.

Tie on your ribbon around the ring in a bow (I used ribbon from jane means collection)  and your string length through the eye ring, and knot.

Hang on your Christmas tree and admire!

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Christmas mini fabric wreath tutorial
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