Hello again! It’s Wednesday and it’s time for another wreath, this one is so simple and stylish but really easy to make. If you are a minimalist then this holly wreath is just for you. The best thing is no prickles to deal with either!

Minimal Holly Wreath

Holly wreath making for living

All you need is a wooden hoop or embroidery hoop, some felt, felt balls or white pompoms and fabric paint, florist wire and ribbon.

To make the leaves, cut two holly leaf shapes from felt, place a length of florists wire in between the leaves to stiffen it, and glue them together. Make two leaves this way. Glue the leaves to one side of the hoop and then glue three felt balls onto the leaves. I had some white fluffy pompoms that I coloured red with some red fabric paint as I couldn’t find red felt balls.

felt holly leaves and berries

Hang the hoop with some red ribbon that is looped through the loop and knotted at the top.

Holly wreath making for living

Do you make a wreath for Christmas? It certainly can be expensive to buy them. It’s a simple way to get creative at Christmas. Below is a whole range of wreaths that I have made, I hope there is one that suits you!


wreath wednesday makingforliving

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Minimal Holly Wreath
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