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Last week I mentioned my new series; Wreath Wednesday! For the weeks leading up to Christmas I will be sharing some wreath ideas and tutorials. As it is still a little early for Christmas front door wreaths but never too early to start making decorations, today’s wreaths are mini wreaths which can be hung on the tree or around the home. These mini wreaths are one of the projects from my book.  They are rustic in style and suit a traditional red and green theme, but can be adapted to suit any colour theme that you have in mind for this year.

To make the fabric ring you will need a wooden curtain ring as a base, strip of fabric, buttons, ribbon and wire. To make the button wreath you will need wire, buttons, coloured cord and ribbon.

mini wreaths


Mini fabric wreath

Take your fabric strip and wrap around your ring, starting at the top. When you reach the top again, trim off any left over fabric and pin the end in place with a pin. You may want to secure it further with some fabric glue. Take some wire and thread through a button, leaving a shorter one end of the wire, but enough to wrap around the ring. When threaded through the button holes, wrap the wire around the back of the ring to hold the button in place. Cut the wire and do the same with another two buttons. Use a piece of wire to thread through a heart or other shaped button in the centre and then wind the ends from the back around the eye ring at the top so that the button is hanging in the middle of the wreath. Tie on some ribbon in a bow and some string or twine through the eye ring, and knot to make a loop for hanging.

Mini button wreath

Bend your wire into a circular shape, don’t worry if it’s not perfectly shaped as it will get more bent as you thread the buttons on, and you’ll tidy it up at the end. Thread the wire up through the first hole on your first button, pull the wire through leaving about 2 cm of wire at the end. Thread the wire back through the other hole of the button, or opposite hole if it’s a four hole button. Continue threading the wire through the buttons, you may have to tug the wire quite hard. When you have threaded all the buttons, bend the end of wire around the other end close to the last button and trim. Make a loop with the remaining end of wire, for hanging the decoration and wrap the very end around the wreath. Optional: Take some coloured string, tie it on to the wire behind the first button, then thread through some of the button holes going around the circle. If the button has four holes then you can thread it through the two holes the wire doesn’t go through, if not then you may have to go behind the buttons, wrap the string around the loop then tie the end to the wreath and cut off the remainder of the string. Tie a bow of ribbon around the wire at the bottom of the hanging loop.



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Wreath Wednesday – mini wreaths
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