The second wreath in my ‘Wreath Wednesday’ series is this fabric wreath I’m naming Midnight Snow.

fabric wreath

It actually goes very well with the colours I am choosing at home for decorating this Christmas. I am majoring on the white and blue. It fits with the colour scheme in my lounge, I am a sucker for blue and I’m aiming for a peaceful and calm feel this year.

I made this using a polystyrene wreath form and loosely wrapping it in some dark blue satin fabric. I used pins at the back to hold the satin in place. I wanted the satin to have some depth and movement to it so there are random folds and drapes. I think this gives it a midnight feel when the dark can be so deep and velvety. I also love that silence when snow is falling, it can be so quiet and the darkness of the colour evokes this.

Lace snowflake

The snowflakes are made with cotton lace trim. You need a lace that is symmetrical in design, I cut three lengths the same size with forks at the ends and pinned them to the wreath with a pearl headed pin in the centre. The edges get feathery and each snowflake is not quite the same as the others, like real snowflakes.

Wooden snowf

I hung a wooden snowflake, that I coloured white, from some white embroidery thread that I pinned to the wreath at the centre. The little white houses are made from paper cuts.

Paper town

The wreath is hung with some velvet blue ribbon. The whole effect is a soft, quiet but dramatic feel and I am pleased with the way it has turned out.

fabric wreath

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Midnight snow fabric wreath
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