Social Media

Are you stumped with where to start with social media? Do you struggle keeping up with taking on brand photos for Instagram, tweeting your latest news, talking to potential customers on Facebook, just coming up with content in general when you are busy just trying to do the work that pays?

You want to have engaged conversations with your ideal customers, you want to showcase your latest products in the best way, but you just run out of time to do all the things and keep your online presence up to date.

Maybe you don’t know the difference between a tweet, status update, a pin, post or a story and you don’t even know why or how they can help grow your customer base?

Well I can help.

I’ve spent the last four years building a customer base for events through social media, consulting with a communications agency over their clients strategy, building a focused online presence and brand through targeted social media. I’ve attended social media conferences, writing workshops and having worked in design for over 15 years have a wealth of information and experience that can help you.

I can work with you to set a targeted strategy to build your brand. I can also help you implement your strategy saving you time and money.

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Design Work

I am a graphic designer with over 18 years of experience. I only take on a few commissions a year, below are a few examples of my work.

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