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Make a unique personalised gift for your valentine, declare your undying love by burning it into wood to make a sign.

The how-to bit.

You’ll need a piece of wood, you could use a log but I had some left over plank, and a wood burning pen like this one: On your wood draw a heart, with initials inside the heart and a arrow. Then using your wood burning pen burn them in! It’s easier than carving but if this is your first time using a wood burning pen then you might want to practice using a different piece of wood. You’ll get different effects using the different heads. Be careful – it gets very hot. plank I painted the plank, I used the blue and pink chalk paints that I use in my bedroom (see chalk paint dyed curtains and bedside drawers). You could paint it all over and then burn the heart into it (see my harvest sign for a similar effect) I liked the effect of the blue and pink blending together as it’s a kind of symbolism for the two of us! I’m thinking this will either go on the wall or on a bedside table in the bedroom. heart sign mfl You could put a hook on the back so that it can hang on the wall, or stand it on display. It would look great on a nightstand. It wood (get it) make a good paperweight on a desk. wood heart sign mfl I hope you are feeling the love this week and that you get suitably ‘Valentined’! wood heart sign mfl p

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A unique, personalised valentines gift you can DIY – a wood burnt love heart sign
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