As Britons we love to talk about the weather (well there is a lot of weather to talk about!) Winter seems to be holding on here and the weather is changeable. I keep getting fooled by the sunshine and stepping out without my coat and then wishing I’d wrapped up warmer. Come the spring I think we are all desperate to spend more time outside. I’m not an experienced gardener but I love to grow sweet peas in the garden, I have a few seedlings that I am unsure whether they’ll survive the cold outside yet. There is nothing that sets my day up better than sitting in the garden with a cup of coffee, praying, reading and contemplating! It is also soul growing to sit in the garden chatting with a friend or eating barbecued food with the family. So, when you don’t want to miss that friend that might pop over when you are in the garden, this garden sign will send them in the right direction and not away.

garden sign

If you’ve read around here for a while you’ll know that I have made a few wooden signs with my wood burner. I’ve used the transfer method on this one previously on a light piece of driftwood.

wood burnt sign

Garden sign

This garden sign is made on a piece of American walnut, supplied to me by my friend Neil Bathgate. He makes homes beautiful with wood and my piece is just an off cut.


Design your sign on your computer at the size of your wood and print it out.

sign print out

Tape the paper in place on your wood with washi tape. Using the paper as a guide, burn through the paper with the tool to the wood below.

burnt paper on sign

Burn the outlines of the letters only then remove the template to burn in the rest of the letters. It is easiest to burn the vertical lines of the letters first and then turn the wood to burn the horizontal lines. Remove the paper.

letters outlined

Fill in the letters with the wood burning tool. You’ll end up with it looking a little like this.

burnt garden sign

There are a few places where I burnt outside the lines. Of course this is a handmade item and I don’t think it matters too much, but if it bothers you, you can sand the bits outside the letter lines. You may need to then re-burn some areas after sanding.

garden sign

Make some guide holes in the top of the sign with a bradawl and screw in two eye hooks. Tie some strong twine or rope through the holes and hang.

we're in the garden sign

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We’re in the garden sign
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