This week I made a trip to IKEA for some home bits and ideas and it reminded me that I made a change to an IKEA item that hadn’t made it’s way to the blog yet. A wallpapered wardrobe. When we moved into our current home, we weren’t sure how long we would be here. We have moved a few times in the last few years as we are renting, and this always poses a dilemma when choosing furniture. We have a few items of furniture that sit in the garage as they have fitted in previous homes but not in this one and we are never sure whether to get rid of them or whether they may fit a future home! I’ve been thinking of ways to use wallpaper in the home without actually papering the walls and this is my first use.


With this last move we needed to buy a wardrobe. We chose this plain white TRYSIL wardrobe from IKEA:


Being simple it suits any interior without standing out too much. This meant that in future it would fit in another room if needs be. I have been gradually making changes to the furniture in our bedroom. You can see the IKEA bedside drawers that I hacked here.

rast makeover 2 makingforliving

I have used blue and pink as colours in this room. I made curtains from a dustsheet and dyed them with chalkpaint to create a sunset sky effect.

pantone curtains

The other items I have DIYed in this room include the  IKEA MOPPE drawers with chalk paint and mirror screws for mini handles. Mini suitcase to jewellery case, scarf hooks, and the bedroom bookshelves.

IKEA moppe drawers hack

jewellery box bracelet roll makingforliving

large hooks

bookshelves making for living

So back to the wardrobe, while the bedroom is small, the wardrobe felt like it was large for the room, and the space between the end of the bed and the wardrobe was tight. Despite being white, it was brighter in tone than the wall behind which is painted in some version of magnolia. Instead of blending in and being an unobtrusive white, it stood out like a white elephant!

I found some wallpaper in B&Q that I loved that has swallows and butterflies and uses lovely tones of pink and blue, I was wondering whether there was a temporary way to put it on a wall.


Instead I decided to try some on the wardrobe that faces the bed, we spend the most time in the room facing that way rather than the wall. Here’s how it turned out.

wallpapered wardrobe

I cut two lengths that matched in design and using spray mount, stuck them to the doors. I decide to put the strips in the centre of the door instead of completely covering the doors. It is difficult to get a photo of the full length of the wardrobe but you can see the idea here.

wardrobe papered

The result of this change? It gives a visual depth to the space, where once I felt like I had to squeeze through the gap between the wardrobe and the bed, the addition of a pattern makes the white of the wardrobe fall back and become less intrusive to the room. The pattern that becomes the foreground is sparse enough that the white of the paper and of the wardrobe makes the background move backwards. It’s visual trickery magic!

While I could claim that this was my intention all along and that I am that good a decorator, this papering of the doors being the visual trick was a happy accident!

Have you made any small changes to your decor that have had more than the intended initial effect and provided a pleasant surprise? I’d love to know, comment below!


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Wallpapered Wardrobe
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