Do you struggle to wake up now the mornings are that bit darker and colder? It is getting really autumnal here, the mornings are darker, the house is colder and I am craving gingerbread and hot Ribena! I love Autumn but as we head towards winter there is one thing that I definitely struggle with. As the mornings get darker, waking up feeling rested and ready for the day is hard. It’s really difficult to get out of bed when the mornings are darker and colder and when bed is warm and toasty. I’m such a night owl and love to read late in bed and bed is definitely a happy place for me.

But unfortunately the kids don’t get to school on time and I don’t get anything done if I stay in bed so I have to pull myself “up and at ’em”, as my mum used to say.

If like me you struggle with getting up when the mornings are darker I’d love to share something with you that has made all the difference for me. I was given it last year for my birthday, which incidentally is tomorrow so I have used it for a whole year! It’s a wake up sunrise clock alarm.

Lumea body clock review

You set the clock for a half hour before you want to wake up and it simulates a natural sunrise for over that half an hour. It has a natural daylight bulb and will gradually brighten until the time you wake up. It really helps me in the mornings and I feel as if I have woken more naturally instead of a bright sudden surprise of a harsh alarm clock. It’s a much more summer type of wake up. Some of the newer models even have birdsong too.

My version also has a setting so that it also gradually dims at night as you go to sleep. I don’t use this function very often, because I’m usually trying to squeeze every minute left into reading! But I can attest that it makes you drowsy if you struggle to fall asleep.

Lumea body clock review

It’s been clinically proven that the wake-up light improves your general wellbeing after waking up and I’m all for that! Studies they’ve done show it improves your mood and makes you feel more energised in the morning. I LOVE it, and will heartily recommend it to anyone.

There are a range of different ones with different features you can see them at John Lewis here.

Amazon have this one here which is a different looking version of the one I have.

As ever these are affiliate links which means that if you make a purchase then I get a small fee at no cost to you. I only recommend products that I think you will love and that I use myself.


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Struggling to wake up with the darker mornings? Me too, this will help.

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