Hello, and welcome to the Free Gift Store, here you can find a collection of phone screens, printables, prints and e-mags that are created to encourage you in your creative life. Have a browse, download and enjoy – for FREE!

Abi x

Phone screens

‘A creative life is a happy life’ iphone6 screen:
Creative Life iPhone6 wallpaper (52 downloads)

Create, Make, Breathe & Live’ iphone 6 screen:
iphone6screencmbl.jpg (22 downloads)

Creativity takes courage iphone 6 screen:
iphone6dream.jpg (15 downloads)

The Lord is my shepherd, he restores my soul’ iPhone screen:
iphone6screenshepherd.jpg (17 downloads)

‘Creativity doesn’t have to be complicated’ iPhone screen
iphone6screencreativity.jpg (13 downloads)

Creative Printables

Printable playlist of songs for when you need hope:
songs-for-when-you-need-hope.pdf (1 download)

Printable Mother's Day seed packet

Printable gift seed packets:
giftseedpacket.pdf (20 downloads)


Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High print:
Whoever-dwells-in-the-shelter-of-the-Most-High-will-REST-in-the-shadow-of-The-Almighty.pdf (0 downloads)

create make breathe live

Create, Make, Breathe & Live manifesto print:
CreateMakeBreatheLive.jpg (10 downloads)

Creativity doesn’t have to be complicated print:
Creativity-doesnt-have-to-be-complicated.pdf (0 downloads)

Creativity is good for the soul print:
creativity-is-good-for-the-soul.pdf (0 downloads)

You are simply an artist print:
you-are-simply-an-artist.pdf (0 downloads)

“You can’t use up creativity” print:
you-are-simply-an-artist-1.pdf (0 downloads)


6 ways to be creative in your already busy day e-mag:
6-ways-pdf.pdf (9 downloads)

Simple creative ways to nourish your soul e-mag:
simple-ways-to-nourish-your-soul.pdf (3 downloads)

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