Where do you get your inspiration to get creative from? Where do you learn and grow your creative skills? I find that these days there is always something new to learn about and skills to acquire. It is overwhelming with all there is to learn and do, especially with building any kind of online venture.  Today with this video of flowers I hope that you find some refreshment and relaxation away from the continual learning experience that is life.

This weekend I went to Blogtacular, which is the conference for online creatives! It is inspiring, informative and forward thinking. I find that I learn in different ways but an in person walk through of a how-to is incredibly useful. One of the sessions I went to was a video workshop run by the very talented Xanthe Berkeley, (check out her videos on Instagram). I was very grateful for the workshop which was a walk through editing a video with an app. I love that in the online space there are many people who are willing to share their skills and knowledge with others.

I thought I’d share a short but sweet video with you that I made on my phone for my mid week visual pick you up. If you need a little pick you up in your home, cut some foliage or wild flowers and put in a jug. #Flowersmakeahome! Fresh flowers can transform your space when you bring the inspiration of nature inside. I hope you enjoy these pretty flowers!

Flowers for you


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Flowers for you

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