This is a beautiful willow heart decoration for the wall. It suits decorating for Valentines day, but is not so specific that it can’t be used all year round. The willow is a natural material to work with and gives it a rustic look, but it would work well in a minimal interior due to it’s clean lines and unfussy appearance.

How to make a willow heart. Crafting and home decor site,

To make

You will need: Five willow branches, need to be ready for bending ie. damp, (you can either cut some willow branches or source them online from willow weaving suppliers), dried rosebuds, 1m ribbon, glue gun and scissors.

Take four willow branches, warm them by running your hands along them, bending them slightly as you go.

Hold four branches together with the thicker ends grouped together. Place the other branch along the four, in the opposite direction with it’s thicker end overlapping the group of four by about 15 cm.

Wind the single branch around the four going up the group, wind over the end of itself to cover the bottom end. Make a loop with the single branch, around the group and pass the end of the branch through to knot.

Warm the four branches again with your hand bending along them.

Separate the branches into two groups of two and bend each side around to the bottom to create your heart. Leave a long amount, approximately 25 cm, overlapping at the bottom.

Using one of the branches wind it around the group at the bottom, going down to the bottom of the heart. Make a loop with this branch and pass the end through and tighten to knot and hold.

Trim off all your ends.

Choose your rosebuds and using a glue gun, glue the bottoms of the buds to the willow, you may find that it is easier to glue the buds so that they stick between two willow branches. Decide where you are going to put them and where you are going to tie your ribbon on for hanging.

Using about a metre of ribbon, tie it around the heart either on the side or in the middle and then knot the ribbon ends together to create a loop for hanging. The green ribbon used here and complements the green in the rose leaves and brings out the red tones in the roses and wood.

Hang the heart on the wall with the ribbon loop.




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Valentines Willow Heart
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