Do you have any temporary tattoos left over from the summer, because a) the weather was too pants to show your skin? b) you weren’t brave enough to wear them, c) your daughter didn’t use them, d) you didn’t attend any cool enough festivals?

I posted this tutorial last year, but I’ve updated it to include some links for where you can buy the tattoos and included a new photo. It’s still a great idea I think and worth re-posting for all my new readers!

Can you guess which answer to the first question is mine? Ahem, *coughs* well, anyway here is an alternative use for them, did you know that you can use them on materials other than skin? Here’s a video post to show you a new way to use them. And if you don’t have any left over because you rocked the look on holiday in Ibiza, you can get them really easily online – see below for examples.




I think the metallic foil effect on the black card is really stylish. I also love the way the feather looks like a quill pen. So simple to do. Just don’t get the card too wet when wetting the tattoo transfer.

Don’t have any left over tattoos? Try these: (affiliate links)

Personalised tattoos:


Feather tattoos


More feather tattoos


Have you used temporary tattoos on anything other than your body before? Are there any craft products out there similar? I’ve found craft items to not be so current and contemporary in style.

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Alternative use for temporary tattoos
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