Midweek pretty pictures for Summer Tuesdays to get you through the mid-week slump.

summer tuesday

Snapshots of Summer taken from my Instagram.

1. A sweet scene from a Sunday stroll. 2. Scented roses on the dresser. 3. Pretty white roses, I think they are wild ones. Take courage, we are loved and have a purpose. When life is hard chase the beauty. 4. Business cards have arrived for Blogtacular. 5. Pretty blooms in my garden. 6. Calming green and white in the kitchen after a humid and confusing day. 7. Herbs on the windowsill. 8. Wisteria still around. 9. And the sun came out today, beautiful purple alliums make me happy.

Come the end of Tuesday, the week has just started yet the freshness is wearing off, we’ve settled into the regular, the routine and the weary-ness is beginning. Wednesdays are looming, that day mid-week that is neither here nor there. Here’s where I falter, where I let the work overshadow the inspiration and purpose. It’s time to take a pause and re-set ready to push through the second half of the week.



Here’s to refreshing your soul.

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Visual pick-me-ups for Summer Tuesdays
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