I think the spring season is a fresh time where all around nature is reminding us of new beginnings, and hope for the future. I love the birds that visit my garden and tweet in the hedge at the moment, they inspired me to make some clay birds with stamped words for a spring inspirational wall hanging. Using air dry clay, stamps, paint and bakers twine it really is an inexpensive but effective way to produce a sweet fresh spring accent to your decor.

clay birds


To make you need to roll out some air dry clay and either use a cookie cutter or a template and cut out a bird shape. I used this printable bird template.

clay bird

I then used a knife to cut out my bird.
clay bird outline
I stamped words on to my bird for spring time inspiration. I chose the words, hope, love and dream. Positive words that I want to remind myself of and to do this season.

clay bird words

I used a skewer to make a hole for hanging.

Below shows the experimenting part which didn’t go well, I tried to add some texture to the birds with lace and feathers!

featherbird lacebird1lacebird2

After leaving the clay to dry overnight, I sanded down the rough edges. I think one of the keys to doing this is to try to get the edges smooth as possible before drying as I broke a bird with sone too vigorous sanding. In the picture below I left the edges a little too rough, I should have just pressed the edges in with the knife edge and smoothed the clay on the edge a little more.

cut out bird

I painted the birds, using chalk paint, craft acrylics and watercolours. I mixed the white chalk paint with dabs of colour to get the tones I wanted, painting the letter indents with a darker colour to make them stand out.

I made an oblong with the clay and stamped the word spring across the top.

Using some bakers twine I strung up the birds, knotting the twine behind the hole and then taping the twine down on the back of each bird.

spring clay birds

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Spring inspirational clay birds
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