Do you ever get frustrated by ‘cutesy’ felt animal craft tutorials being the only thing available when you want to get creative? Do you ever spend more time searching Pinterest for makes than actually getting down to making something? Do you wish for ideas for creative makes that are stylish for your home but that also resonate with your soul? That have meaning that brings you peace, or inspiration. Do you reach for that calm colouring book or journal lettering in your bible and it’s not quite enough? – You want to take it outside of a book and surround yourself and your family with meaningful and inspirational items.

You will love the soulful creative projects.

You can have time to make something meaningful as you think on deep truths and create from inspiration for the soul. You are able to have beautiful handmade items and art that will dress your home and life with soul lifting truth. You can connect your soul to the working of your hands. You can refresh your soul as you connect with God through your creativity.

Soulful creative projects is a collection of soulful reflections with creative projects for you to follow.

The book will include:

  • Six biblical themed based reflections
  • Six biblical themed based devotional projects tutorials and templates for making beautiful items for your home
  • Reminders of God’s truth for your home and life
  • Time to create as a time of worship and meditation
  • Beautiful book designed with space for your mind and soul.
  • Resource list for equipment and materials for the projects.

You will be able to use the book as a basis for devotional creative projects either by yourself or in a group setting.

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