Last week I wrote a post on creativity and failure. The post was sparked by a garland that I had tried to make but it just didn’t work. Some of the elements from the garland though were good in themselves and so I have pondered how to use them.

I made some shapes with these insanely cute cookie cutters that I bought from White stuff.


Initially I bought them because I thought I could use them especially in the Autumn as my son’s birthday is in October. One of his absolute favourite things to do is bake and so I thought that he would love using these cookie cutters. Cookies made with the fox and squirrel would be great for a birthday party in Autumn. But before using them for cookies I wanted to make something longer lasting with them! I had some beautiful copper and silver coloured FIMO that I used to make the shapes for the garland for this simple autumn craft.


The shapes just didn’t work as a garland, but individually I loved them. What to do? I didn’t want to throw them away, so I had a rethink.

Autumn in our family is a time for feasting, I wrote an earlier post here on my Harvest Season wooden sign. I wish, in a way that Thanksgiving was a celebration here in the UK as it is in Canada or the US. But we do have an awareness of the food abundance around us and two birthdays to be celebrated in this month with feasts. We turn to the warming foods of soups, casseroles and roasts as the weather cools and the sun wanes. There are blackberries and apples to be gathered in. Meals can be slower and longer as the weather reflects our need to hibernate.


So I re-used the animals, acorns and leaves made in FIMO as napkin rings, well – more napkin adornments.


squirrel napkin makingforliving

These would work so well at a children’s party. You could also use them as a tag on a present or as a tag on a party bag. I love the woodland animal trend, it works fabulously in autumn. I previously made woodland animal pencil toppers and key chains with felt.


The leaves are more classy and perfect for an adults place setting.


They are really easy to make and the kids would love to make them too.

Using FIMO or polymer clay is really easy, It needs warming in  your hands to start, then rolling out flat and cut out as you would a cookie. You bake it according to instructions at a low temperature in your oven and it’s done. I used a mix of bakers twine and embroidery thread to tie them around the napkins and added some card name tags, with a little wooden leaf button that I had.

Perfect way to turn around the ‘failed’ garland into something to decorate a celebration. Makes me feel better about the doomed garland now!


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Simple autumn craft

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