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How was your September? I can’t believe we are a week into October already. This is a big month for me. It’s a big year, one that is a scary number shaped! A new decade dawns!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a Saturday Shares on the blog but here you are. I wanted to share some things that I hope will inspire and encourage you and supply reading for your weekend.

This week I shared 6 practical ways to get creative in your busy work day.

If you missed it, then I just launched CLOUD magazine for those that struggle to find the time to be creative. You can read more about it here.

On Instagram September looked like this:

@abipartridge Instagram september

Have you seen what Emily P. Freeman has just launched? The School for Creative Direction, and the create and complete course, I know one of my readers has signed up for this (hi N!)

I’m excited to be heading to Hope*Writers Workshop in Charlotte in November where Emily is one of the organisers.

I loved this post: In your dreams: When Creative Works Feels Impossible from Amber Salhus.

If you’ve ever struggled with depression and anxiety my new online friend Elli wrote this For when you think you should be able to snap out of it.

And this from Alia on She speaks You’ll have to believe you are good enough

And finally…

I loved this little gif I saw showing the progression of a desk from the 1980s.

Have a relaxing weekend and a creative week!





6 ways to discover your creativity

6 ways cover

6 ways to discover your creativity e-mag & bonus printable manifestos.

Saturday Shares – 7th October
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