sandcastle flag makingforliving

Felt sandcastle flags

Here’s a simple little make for your little ones or for you to do on the beach whilst they play. They will love claiming their own sandcastle with these personalised flags!

For the poles I used some wooden chunky knitting needles I had but you could use sticks. I had some heathery felt from which I cut a rectangle 15.5cm x 9cm which allowed for a tube section of 4cm for the needle to slot through, you’ll need to factor in the width of your flag pole as it will be different. I stitched the felt around the needle to create the slot.

felt castle flag makingforliving

I cut a castle out of a patterned fabric and glued and stitched it on. I stitched on a little window in a different colour fabric and a made a portcullis with some gingham fabric and stitched up and across the lines to emphasise. See below for a printable castle template.

I wrote with a  dressmaker’s pencil Castle Felix underneath and then stitched it with embroidery thread. Stitching on their name will make your little ones love the flag even more!

On the back of the flag I wrote a large F with the dressmaker’s pencil and stitched it. You could do another castle if you wished.

personalised sandcastle flag makingforliving

This non stitch version uses glue and ribbon, I glued a rectangle of felt around the needle, then cut some lengths of ribbon and stuck them in place with fabric glue.

Felt and ribbon Union Jack sandcastle flag makingforliving

Paper sandcastle flags

If you don’t like stitching, your little ones want to have a go and aren’t quite up to sewing yet or you want a quick result – you could make a flag with paper and washi tape. It’s a great holiday activity. All you need is some paper, glue and a kebab or lolly stick, washi tape is optional. The kids could design their own flag, for this one I cut out a long rectangle from patterned paper and stuck it around a skewer with glue. I cut out an ice lolly, stuck it onto one side:

lollipop flag makingforliving

and used some washi tape on the other side to create the union jack:

union jack sandcastle flag makingforliving

Printable castle template

Sandcastle flag template

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Sandcastle flags

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