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Spring is on its way and all that budding loveliness in the garden is about to promise vibrant beauty. While you are waiting for the roses in the garden you can make some from ribbon! These little lovelies can be used to adorn all kind of items. I have used them on Easter wreaths before now but you could stick them on a Mothers Day card, sew on some brooch backs or shoe clips and wear them, or sew them to a tote bag.


You will need approx 40-60cm of ribbon, I used 1.5cm width jane means ones, any narrower and it might be too fiddly. A needle, thread and scissors.

Take one end of your ribbon and turn over the end at an angle and stitch in place.


Let go of your thread but don’t cut it off. Wrap the ribbon around the diagonal a few times and stitch in place. step1a step2

Let go of your thread again so that it doesn’t get in the way while you turn the ribbon, wrap it around the whole rose, keep turning and wrapping and stitch the ribbon in place at the back as you go.


Stitch across the back to hold it all together or add a circle of felt for extra security. Enjoy!



See these used on a easter wreath.

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Ribbon Roses Tutorial
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