Recently I was at a friend’s house for lunch and was admiring their large scrabble letter placemats. After removing the pvc table cloth from my kitchen table, due to being bored of it and the annoying sharpie marks that my son had made on it, I was looking for some placemats. My husband challenged me with “Can’t you make some?” and with that I was on a mission.

The table top needed treating and before that it needed sanding. It’s a beautiful table that we commisioned our very talented friend to make for us for a narrow dining room that we had a few houses ago. It’s made of solid oak and weighs a ton. I think the top was recycled from an old oak door. I love it, it’s thick and chunky and I’m not too precious about it, I want it to show its character with the knocks and dents of family use. But it has been abused with mod podge spills and sharpie pen that I’m not so keen on. So I sanded it back and reapplied Patina to protect it.

With it being a solid colour I wanted to add some interest with some placemats. I found some brand new and boxed mats in a charity shop for £1.50 and they would suit a retro feel for a kitchen or dining room but I wanted to try out some resin.


placemats on table

To make the resin placemats

To get the best results you need a flat and light surface. I removed some pictures which were just paper stuck to the top of the mat. I then painted the mats with a coat of primer.

white primer coat on mat


I found some scrapbook paper that suited the green and pink elements I use in my kitchen and I liked, and cut oblongs to fit each mat. I stuck these down to the mats with glue.

patterned paper mats


I used this glazing resin.

Pay attention to the manufacturers instructions as this is a dangerous product. It does take a bit of practice to get the technique right.

I then poured a layer of resin over the mat and spread it out. I kept having to add drops to areas to cover holes. You’ll want to get down to eye level to see where the gaps are. The product is self levelling and will naturally round off the edges.

pink placemat


I then re-painted the edges of the mats in gold paint to cover any splashes of primer coat.

resin placemat


At first the mats have a high gloss appearance but after a few wipes with a damp cloth it gets duller.

yellow placemat

gray placemat


You wouldn’t want to put anything hot onto these mats, like dishes from the oven. But they are a very pretty addition to the table for a Mother’s Day tea.

table scape

place mats on table

Here’s an image for pinning:

recover table mats with paper and resin. Use pretty papers to recover place mats and seal with glazing resin.




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Make resin placemats for a Mothers Day tea
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