I know many of you lack the time for getting creative, but you long to. I know that you may not want to change up your home decor for the changing seasons because of the time it would take, and the cost of items just for one season.

Of course it is not essential to change up the decor in your home with the changing seasons, I only tend to in the lounge where the family spends most of the time, and even then it’s only a few little changes here and there. These tea towel cushion covers are quick and easy for those of you without much time, but who want to change up the decor for the season. It is also for those who don’t change the decor with the seasons, but who want to get creative without much time too!

tea towel cushion covers

One of the cheap and easy ways to change up your decor is to change the cushions on the sofa. You don’t even need to find somewhere to store the previous seasons covers as you can just put the new cover on top! I change the covers on my cushions all the time. And in the spring and summer season I want light airy covers. In the winter and autumn I want cosy and warm textures.

Do you also find that it can be expensive to buy upholstery material in the brands or colours that you like and that suit your decor? Well I’ve discovered a more reasonable way to get those Cath Kidston (other brands are available!) cushion covers without breaking the bank, – make them from tea towels.

You might like these similar tea towels on Amazon (affiliate links):

Make tea towel cushion covers instructions

These will take you around 40mins to make. You will need a sewing machine, cushion pads, (mine were 50 x50 cm Ikea ones.) scissors and thread.

Whilst in Sainsbury’s on a food shop the other day I came across these tea towels.

nautical tea towels

They were in this seasons ‘Shore’ range that spans their homewares. I checked and they also had cushions that cost more than the tea towels cost. The cushions came with pads inside but I didn’t want new pads as I already had them.

First cut one of the tea towels about a third up from the bottom. These will be envelope closing cushions.

cutting tea towel

Then hem this cut edge.

Because the tea towels were already hemmed I decided to make use of this and sew just inside or along the line of stitching. I stitched the outside of the cushion, instead of stitching the right sides together.

sewing machine

Stitch along the top edge of one of the tea towels to the two thirds tea towel piece. Then lay out the pieces face down.

face down cover

Fold up the front of the cushion to about the middle of the back of the cover, over the top of the back tea towel piece. (as above) Check that this is the right size to cover the inner pad. Then stitch up the sides of the cover.

That’s it!

How to make tea towel cushion covers. DIY handmade pillow covers from tea towels sewn to make covers. Cheap way to get floral, designer, nautical fabric for your decor. Tea towel crafts, simple sewing tutorial.

Now to make the second cover, use the bottom third cut from the tea towel and the remaining tea towel from the set of three.

rear of the second cushion

Hem the cut edge.

Stitch the pieces together at the top edge.

Then stitch down the sides of the cover, with one piece overlapping the the other at the middle as before. This creates the envelope flap.

cushion 2 sewn at the back

Simples. You have made tea towel cushion covers.

My sofa before the new covers, the stag cover was looking a little wintery and the be brave cover was a kind of autumnal cabin feel.

sofa before

Here’s my sofa brightened up for summer with nautical cushions. Of course if nautical isn’t your style there are many other tea towels out there to choose from. See below for ideas.

sofa after

How to make tea towel cushion covers. DIY handmade pillow covers from tea towels sewn to make covers. Cheap way to get floral, designer, nautical fabric for your decor. Tea towel crafts, simple sewing tutorial.





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Tea towel cushion covers
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