It’s summer and all you want to do is sit outside in the sunshine and read some good books – right? Well that dream has been thwarted by the weather here lately. So it’s a great time to get your sewing machine out and be ready for when the sun comes out again! These outdoor cushions are for your garden furniture and for not stressing when you forget them and a sudden rain shower appears. “Why not?” I hear you ask! Well – because you’ve made them from a shower curtain!

nautical outdoor cushions

These cushions are made from a striped shower curtain which suits the coastal/nautical theme in the garden with my DIY water feature with sea glass and more to come soon!

How to make these outdoor cushions

You will need a polyester fabric shower curtain – not a plastic or pvc one.


Cut an oblong of fabric twice the width of intended cushion size. Fold in half.

Stripes make it easier to cut straight lines!

Sew the edges together inside out in a square leaving a gap on one edge about 10cm long.

Turn right side out.

Stuff the cushion with bunched up plastic carrier bags for an even more showerproof result. Or you can just use normal toy stuffing.

Turn the edges of the stuffing gap into the cushion and sew up the gap.

sewn up stuffing gap – white thread to demonstrate.

The cushions aren’t waterproof but after being left out in a short shower they will dry out very quickly.

I think they were the quickest cushions I’ve ever made, now where’s my book?


If you like the bench that I have these cushions on, you can find one similar here:

2-seat sofa
2-seat sofa and coffee table

Save this for later images:

shower proof cushions

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Outdoor cushions
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5 thoughts on “Outdoor cushions

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  • 13th July 2016 at 3:19 pm

    I haven’t thought about making outdoor cushions before. I like the idea of using a shower curtain so they are shower proof (although perhaps not suitable for some of the weather we’ve had so far this summer), however first we need to get some nicer outdoor furniture.

  • 30th August 2016 at 3:15 pm

    Thanks Kate, hope you find the right outdoor furniture.

  • 8th September 2016 at 4:37 am

    I’m wondering if the grocery bags as stuffing might still hold onto pockets of water inside the pillow and soon create mold and mildew. Perhaps if you stuffed your plastic grocery bag stuffing into a single trash bag, tall kitchen size sounds good, and secured it with a straight seam with plastic/vinyl tape; then used that as a ‘pillow form’, you’d have good results.

    • 9th September 2016 at 11:27 am

      Thanks for reading Lee. You maybe right but as I don’t intend to leave these out in the rain and bring them in, the showerproof-ness is really only in case of my forgetting to bring them in 😉 and then they only need a short amount of time to dry.


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