On the May day bank holiday I’m reminded of the maypole dance that used to happen at the May day fairs of my childhood. There was something lovely about all that ribbon. This decoration steals the look of fluttering ribbons but adds paper butterflies and lace to the mix. It could be made with ribbon but I think the lace would be perfect at a summer wedding. It would also look lovely at a party or as a mobile. Over this last bank holiday weekend I taught my daughter to make origami butterflies, it became quite an addiction as she then taught a friend, and bye-bye my paper stash!

butterfly hoop decoration makingforliving.com

I used a wooden hoop, lace and some paper origami butterflies made with a Kirstie Allsopp paper 6×6 charm pack.

To make an origami butterfly.

paper butterfly

Pic. 1+2 You will need a square piece of paper. If patterned on one side fold with the pattern on the outside. Fold in half one way, unfold and fold in half the other way.

Pic. 3+4 Unfold and fold across to make a triangle one way, unfold and fold across the other way, unfold.

Pic 5+ 6 Push in two of the side folds towards the middle, and flatten into a triangle.

make a butterfly makingforliving.com

Pic 7 + 8 Fold up one layer corner to meet the middle line, fold up the other corner to meet the middle line.

Pic 9 + 10 Turn over the whole shape.

Pic 11 + 12  Fold up the bottom layer to just over the top edge.

paper butterflies tutorial makingforliving.com

Pic 13 + 14 Fold over the teenie, little triangle at the top over the top edge. Turn over the whole butterfly.

Pic 15 Gently push the triangle down and the wings toward each other.

Pic 16 Pin to lace or ribbon tied to and hanging from a wooden hoop.

paper butterfly makingforliving.com
Beautiful origami paper butterfly


butterflies decoration makingforliving.com


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Origami butterfly, flutterby hoop decoration
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