Acorns are one of those sweet nuts from the Oak tree that squirrels love to collect for their winter food stash. They are a little autumnal nugget of nature and like conkers they are beautiful in tone. These sweet felted acorns are made by needle felting wool roving.

Felted acorn makingforliving

If you have never felted before, be careful with the needle as they have barbs down the shaft. It is a very simple craft, no skill required. You just keep going until you get the shape you want. The felted acorn can be added to oak tree leaves made from felt to make a brooch.


You will need wool roving in green or brown or deep red, a real acorn cup from an oak tree, felting needle and base, felt, brooch back and fabric glue. To see how I made the needle felted acorn watch this video I had fun making.

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Needle felted acorn brooch
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