Award-winning Mums deserve this appreciative rosette. Here in the UK, Sunday 6th March 2016 is Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day. What better way to make your mum feel like a winner than to make and give her this super award rosette, to hang on the wall.

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super mum award rosette

To make the award rosette

It’s made with an embroidery hoop, some fabric and felt, bondaweb, ribbon and fabric glue. You will also need some scissors, embroidery scissors, an iron, some printed letters and a pen.

The low-down

To start with print out the wording that you want to put on your badge. If you wish to use ‘super mum’ like mine above here is the printable pdf: Super Mum wording. If creating your own make sure you use a chunky typeface for ease of cutting.

Cut out the words and take your bondaweb. Using the adhesive side up (it’s bumpy and with a slight glue sheen). Place the bondaweb on top of the printed word, and trace over it with pen.


Iron the bondaweb onto some felt, adhesive side down.

The word will seem back to front when you place it onto the felt.

Cut out your letters, peel off the paper backing and place them on your fabric. My tip for this is to look at your original print out and place the letters roughly with the same kerning (letter spacing) as your printed copy. Iron them down to stick them to the fabric.


Cut a length of ribbon for your ribbon tails and fold it over. Turn over your hoop. Cut a circle of felt to fit the back and sides of your hoop.

back of hoop

Place a ring of fabric glue around the felt edge. Folding the fabric edge over the hoop as you go, stick the felt circle to the inside back of your hoop. Glue in the ribbon tails at the bottom of the hoop with the fabric, under the felt there.

finished back of hoop

And voila! Hope your mum feels deservedly treasured with this rosette!


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Mums Award Rosette
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