So the kids are back in school, life has taken off full helter-skelter, all the things are happening and I’m running around trying to speed up! Really I need to slow down and focus on the essential to get things done. Maybe you need some help with this too? I’ve got a motivational pin board make here as we go into the new school year and yet also help with your organisation. Win-win!


I don’t know about you but when the term starts we get swamped in paper letters home from school, the party invites start showing up and there is always something to remember. This pin board plays on words with the motto of “you got this” but also the literal meaning of here “you got this” – date or party or thing that you need to do!

The how-to


I started with a large cork heat pad. You could do this on a normal cork board but I like the circular one that is reminiscent of a target.

To do this you’ll need the ‘You got this’ template reversed printed (see here for tips on how to do this). Here’s the template: You-got-this-1.pdf (129 downloads)

Place the print face down on the mat, wet the paper and trace over the print with a pen lid, rubbing the print on to the cork pad.


This leaves a design that you can then burn in with your wood burning tool.


Put a d ring picture hook in the back, hang the board in your organisation zone and use to motivate you and save important dates.


You got this.



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You got this motivational pin board
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