moroccan style coasters

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To make these gorgeous Moroccan tile coasters I used this stencil from Martha Stewart’s range. You can get one here.

I used this spray paint in gold:

and this one for the blue:

You will also need a square of felt slightly smaller than the tile, to stick to the back with fabric glue to protect surfaces from the tile.

To make, first spray the stencil with a light coat of spray mount:

and stick down on to the tile. Tap the stencil on to the tile so that it is attached all over to the tile. You may want to fashion a spray box from a cardboard box, or do this outside on a dust sheet.

I used stone effect tiles and plain white tiles from Topps tiles.

Then at a distance of about 20-30cm, spray the tile with the colour spray paint you’ve chosen. Make sure you spray directly down on to the tile and not at an angle, as if you do spray at an angle the spray may go under the mount. (Although the spray mount should help prevent this.)

Remove the stencil and leave to dry. When dry, coat the tile with a few coats of clear acrylic sealer to protect the print.

The tiles may have a slight smudge effect to them which I like, I think it looks handmade or hand painted. They make a great gift, perhaps as a set of four tied together with some ribbon.

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Moroccan tile coasters

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