This week feels like a bit like cheating. It is that simple, but I think it’s a great idea for your home if you’d like something a little different. If you have run out of time to get too fancy and just don’t want to bother with greenery. I have made a greenery swish, is that a word? But you don’t need any greenery for the wreath. This is a mirror wreath for a Christmas Hallway.

How to draw a wreath on a mirror

Equipment: Hand
Materials: Mirror, Chalk pen

If you have a mirror in your entrance way or really anywhere in your home, then grab a chalk pen and just draw a wreath on. It’s a lovely way to make a mirror (that you don’t need to look in too much) feel Christmassy. It will take you less time than making a cup of tea!

Using a chalk pen made for glass, draw a circle. On the circle I drew some holly leaves and berries, you could draw a laurel wreath if you’d rather. I wrote the word Noel in the middle, honestly, because I wrote Happy Christmas but didn’t like my handwriting! To make the word look more substantial, thicken the down strokes of the letters. I then also drew random stars around the mirror. The even better thing about chalk pens is that if you make a mistake you can just rub it off and try again. I did this a few times! I’m now thinking after Christmas it will make a great reminder board for the kids in the school mornings, so they don’t forget their homework, PE kit, drinks bottle, manners(!), you know that kind of thing!

Mirror wreath with chalk pen

How to make an ivy swag

For my Christmas hallway, I added some ivy that I tied together to the top of the mirror. To make an ivy drapery thingy, you want to take some ivy that you’ve rescued some trees from. Place the ivy in a bundle so that some of the tendrils lie towards the right and some towards the left. Using some florists wire, tie stems together at different points. Don’t tie all the stems together, tie a couple together at a time. This keeps the thickness of the bunch. I also added in some holly sprigs that have red berries on.

My mirror was pine colour and I decided to paint it to match the bench underneath, I love how they now match. I hammered in some tacks to the top of the frame and hung three baubles from the tacks.

Christmas hallway

You might want to think about little touches to bring it all together, like using an accent colour. I chose red and put in a red large lantern that I got from IKEA one year and I chose red acorn baubles deliberately. My top tip; tie a red scarf around a cushion to add colour and a Christmas touch to the scene, it saves buying a new cover! I added a blanket to look cosy and dangled a white scarf with pompoms that look a little like snowballs, out of the baskets under the bench.

I’ve also brought in my sled which the kids thought was hilarious and kept asking – ‘is it going to snow this year?’ I don’t know about that but I just like the vibe it is setting plus the red tips of the sled work with the styling!

To make a chalk wreath you’ll need chalk pens:

And a mirror:

chunky grey mirror
Not on the high street
mirror from amazon

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how to make a mirror wreath

Mirror wreath for a Christmas hallway

2 thoughts on “Mirror wreath for a Christmas hallway

  • 13th December 2016 at 4:51 pm

    How pretty your mirror looks, Abi. So effective and yet so simple.
    I hope your kids get to experience some snow now the sled has been brought in. A white Christmas would be so magical, but I expect it’s unlikely.

    I use fresh foliage within the home too and tend to soak it for a while in a bucket of water to get rid of any bugs that may be lurking within the leaves and also to refresh the foliage and hopefully make it last a little longer.
    One year the fresh spruce I brought in was infested with ladybirds. I thought it was peculiar when I spotted a couple in the car but didn’t realise until they were all over the kitchen! We were finding and releasing ladybirds for days after.

    I hadn’t considered using a chalk pen on a mirror. I have a slate heart upon which I write little messages throughout the seasons with a piece of chalk but utilising mirrors hadn’t occurred to me so thank you for that. x


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