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jewellery box bracelet roll makingforliving

I have a collection of bracelets and stud earrings that are not stored on either the earring frame or necklace hanger along with some items of jewellery that I just don’t want on display all the time. So I was looking for a jewellery case to house them. Of course I had to make one, the question was how? I wanted to start with a ready-made box and then add to it. I’m sure you’ve seen the collections of card suitcases you can get, usually in sets of three. You can get them to match your style or decor, these are just some of the ones available:

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I bought a floral set that are cream with a pink and blue flower detail to go with the decor in my bedroom. For this tutorial I used the middle-sized case. I’m not certain that all sets are the same size, so if you follow my instructions, double-check that the internal sections will fit inside your case.

mini suitcase makingforliving

You will need: a kitchen towel roll, four large matchbox inner trays, fabric, ribbon, stuffing, glue, scissors and pegs, wallpaper or patterned paper, wax crayons.

You will need the 4x inner trays of these matches and an all purpose glue:

First you will need to glue down the central inner flap like this and glue the sides to the central flap. Then glue two boxes together end to end. I used mini pegs to hold the pieces together and I used all-purpose glue. Do this with each of your trays.

matchbox gluing makingforliving



You will need to cut fabric to cover the trays, cut an oblong slightly larger than the tray, enough on each side to go up and over each side. I used a suedette type of fabric in a denim print. It had a slightly brushed soft effect to the top side and was a good weight and colour. A dark medium weight fabric will cover the boxes well.



Cut and stick down like so:

first cut

When you get to the ends cut the sides:

endcut1 endcut2


Trim off excess fabric:

endfold1 endfold2

Fold over first one side, then then other like gift wrapping to create a triangle:


Fold over the fabric triangle and glue and peg it down on the top edge. Do the same at the other end of the tray.


Cut fabric to fit and glue to the separators.


Cut squares of fabric to fit each section bottom, fold under the edges and glue in place, measuring to fit the section as you go. Place in each section.


inner tray makingforliving

Cover the other tray in the same way.

To make the stud earrings section you will need six wax crayons. Cut the crayons to fit the inside of one of the sections.



Wrap each cut crayon in a piece of fabric, place some stuffing in a section and then put the wrapped crayons into the section.

stud section makingforliving

Take a kitchen towel roll and take off some of the towel until your bracelets fit around it and will slide on and off. Tape down the towel and fill the tube with some stuffing, (you could just use old carrier bags if you don’t have stuffing).

kitchen towel makingforliving

Cut fabric to fit around the towel roll, wrap around and stick.

fabric covered roll makingforliving


With the ends do a pleat wrapping style with the fabric and fold under the fabric, glue down.

bracelet roll end makingforliving

Take 2 lengths of ribbon the same size and cut to the right length, depending on how far back you want the lid to fall. Glue the ribbon to each side of the case at the inner of the lid and along the side of the case. These will stop the lid falling back and are completely optional.

ribbon edge

You could cut some pretty paper to fit the inside of the lid. I used some wallpaper that I had.

suitcase jewellery case makingforliving

Stack your trays at the rear of the case and place your roll in the front, DON’T glue in place as you will need to remove if you want to wear your jewellery!

jewellery box bracelet roll makingforliving

earrings in stud section makingforliving

inside jewellery box makingforliving

There you go, a cute jewellery case. You could glue a small mirror to the inside of the lid if you wished, I think it would fit another tray layer on top of the two there now, so could add that at a later date. What do you think? How do you store your jewellery? Would you make a case like this?


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Mini suitcase to jewellery case

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