Here’s a make that is great for summer theming your room or just to remind you of a favourite holiday destination. If you can find an old map in a charity shop then it adds a vintage feel as well.

map candle plate

You will need a glass candle plate, (Sainsbury’s have a round one like the one featured), an old map or a photocopy of one, scissors, pencil, brush, decoupage medium (glue).

Find a map of a favourite destination and find an area that you want to use and place the plate over it. Draw a circle in pencil around the plate, on the map. Cut out the circle about 1cm outside the line. Cover the back of the plate with a layer of decoupage medium. Place the map circle on the glass and smooth down with your brush. You will need to keep pasting the edges down and smoothing them with the brush, until the paper stays. When the glue has dried, trim the paper to the edge of the plate. Then paste a layer of decoupage medium on the back of the map to protect the back of the plate. Place your candle on your plate and reminisce about your favourite destination.

I’ve done this with a map of North Cornwall, one of my favourite places in the UK. I’m so happy to be heading there again soon.

Here’s an image if you want to save this tutorial for later.

map candle plate

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Map candle plate
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