Entryways are important, because they set the tone to the rest of the home. They are an introduction to you and your family, they are a welcome to you, your family and your guests. Entryways or halls are like the first chapter to the story of your family’s life. You can tell people what to expect here, you can welcome you family home from their days with a relaxing tone, a safe haven from the worries of the day.

When I walk in through my home’s door I want to feel that sense of coming home to all that is familiar and known – unfortunately often it’s a case of tripping over the strewn school bags and discarded shoes. But that says home to me too! My family is here and we’ve come together after our days apart at school and work. Our entryway is functional, there is a bench to sit on whilst taking off those shoes, there is a bowl for keys on a shelf. There is a place to store the shoes and coats. But I’ve also hung the family driftwood sign, which states this is our place, our haven, our home as we walk in the door, drop the bags, shoes, keys and concerns of the day.

If you want to know how I made this driftwood sign you can find a tutorial here.

wood burnt sign

Often entries or hallways are purely functional, we don’t always think about setting the tone, atmosphere or expectation.

Entryway pin is the most popular

I’m surprised that my most re-pinned image on a Pinterest board of mine is one of a Entryway. And it gets re-pinned A LOT! It seems that people can’t get enough of it. Want to see? It’s this one:

Farmhouse Entryway
Image source: @thegracehouse

I eventually found the image from @thegracehouse on Instagram. I’ve since discovered the beautiful site of the designer; Jennifer of grace house interiors and her style is beautiful. You can see the same entryway as she changes up the style seasonally.

Using the image as inspiration I decided to source some of the items to recreate her look. I created a Pinterest board based on it with sources for where you can get these items. You can see more of the board here and find all the delightful items curated.

I’ve been thinking more about the the meaning behind the items that we create. I love the wooden sign in the picture above. I think when we create items which have something to say which resonates with our life or soul or reminds us of some truth then we are more motivated to make them and finish them! I’ve curated a book of creative devotional projects which provide tutorials and thinking space for you to make beautiful items out of time spent thinking about who God says you are. How he designed you to create and restores your soul through your creativity. You can see more here.

From the chapter: Find your freedom to create

If you love to create but struggle to, then this book is for you. This book will give you time for meaningful creativity that restores your soul. Buy your copy here.




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Making an entryway
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