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Who loves books? You know the real kind, not the ones on your kindle or tablet? I love the real paper kind, I do read more ebooks these days, but my preference is still a paper version which is so much better for the eyes when reading at bedtime.

I have a bad habit: I fold the corners of pages on my books when I can’t find a bookmark. Sorry book purists. I read in those last few moments before I fall asleep and it is then too much effort to find something to mark my place so I crease the page! I resolved to change this by making a beautiful ribbon bookmark. How hard can it be?

I chose this jane means ribbon and some favourite buttons, it started so well.


I sewed two buttons, back to back, either side of one end of the ribbon.

ribbon bookmark1



Sounds good right? Then I had to finish off.


I couldn’t. I couldn’t get the needle back through a hole of one button and hide the knot. I was rushing, I needed to cook the kids tea but I was on a roll. It was a good job that I had used a good length of ribbon. I cut off the buttons from the ribbon and started again. I’m sure you have probably come up with a number of solutions to this. But all solutions failed me.


I sewed one button to the end of the ribbon. I then faked the thread on the other button, by threading thread through the holes.


I then cheated by using glue. Another mistake, I used hi-tack glue:


My rather chunky knots of thread at the back of the buttons meant there was not really a large enough surface to hold the glue and buttons together. I’m now really bad at this and the kids are hungry and raiding the biscuit tin. I cut off the end of the ribbon again, it is now doubtful that the ribbon will actually be long enough to go the length of a book page.

If in doubt glue gun it. Love my glue gun! I’m winning again.


Did the same with two more buttons at the other end of the ribbon. Without the sewing and gluing fails. Note I scrapped the fake thread on the small button and just glued the darn thing.


Ta-da! 3 pictures because that little innocent looking bookmark was a pain. But it looks so great now in situ. And I am posting 3, yes three, pictures as if to say you won’t beat me stupid ribbon bookmark.

bookmark1 bookmark2 bookmark3

Sometimes things to make look so so simple, (thanks pinterest) and sometimes they just aren’t. Sometimes when you I rush and am tired and can’t think and the kids are hungry, I rush it, and it just doesn’t work. Anyone else had a crafting fail?

I’m off to read, on my ibooks app! No ribbon bookmark required.

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Ribbon bookmark
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