Here in the UK we have a few weeks until the school summer holidays where many will be heading off to the beach for holidays. This little make will inspire your little one’s creative play on the beach or in the sandpit with a personalised sandcastle flag. They can claim their castle in a competition or furnish a make believe adventure. It will be their own little proud moment to raise a flag with their own name on. It is also a great ‘learning to sew’ craft for those a little older keen to make something for themselves. Last year I made one of these flags as a blue version, this one is a floral and pastel version!



A felt rectangle 14.5cm x 8cm, embroidery thread, twig or driftwood, needle, scissors, 1 scrap patterned fabric, 2 scraps of a different colour of felt, castle template, bondaweb, iron, pins, dressmakers pencil.

1. Fold one edge of the rectangle around the twig and stitch in place with embroidery thread.


2. Using the castle template (download below), cut a square a little larger than the castle from the patterned fabric scrap. Cut a square of Bondaweb the same size and iron to the back of the patterned fabric square.

Sandcastle-flag-template.pdf (147 downloads)

castle template

3. Pin the castle shape to the fabric square and cut out the castle, cut out the merlons (square shapes at the top of the castle) but not the window or portcullis shape.

sandcastle flage 3

4. Using the template, cut out a window and portcullis shape from felt.

sandcastle flag

5­­. Stitch the window and portcullis shape to the castle with a cross for the window bars and a portcullis grid to the portcullis shape.

sandcastle flag

sandcastle flag

6. Peel and tear off the bondaweb paper from the back of the castle and iron the castle in place to the felt flag. Leave enough room underneath the castle to stitch on the name.

sandcastle flag 7

7. Using the dressmakers pencil write ‘Castle (childs name)’ underneath the castle. Using the embroidery thread stitch over the words.­

sandcastle falg

8. Wrap some coloured embroidery thread around the stick pole.

9. Stake the flag in a castle!

beach fun

Save for later:

Sew a personalised sandcastle flag for beach summer creative play. Tutorial and castle template.

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Make a personal sandcastle flag
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