We had these as a make at a Makeve (a crafty evening that I used to run with a friend). They were very popular and people said how therapeutic they were to make. The great thing is you only need some floristry wire and nail varnish, a small jar, vase or bottle, some washi tape, and a crochet hook. I originally saw how to make the flowers on pinterest and was intrigued as to how the nail varnish actually fills what is essentially a hole, but it really does work! As long as the petal is not too large the nail varnish stretches across the gap and gives the petal a luminosity and fragile nature akin to a real flower petal.

Take a piece of wire and the wire tool or a crochet hook. Place the middle of the wire against the handle of the hook or one of the tweezer arms, bend the wire around and twist over itself once.

step one


You should have a circle. Remove the hook from the first circle and then make another by bending one of the ends of wire around the crochet hook, finishing it by twisting it round the previous twist.



You should now have two small circles in your wire like a bow. Take one end again, and repeat so that you have 3 circles.



Take another piece of wire and repeat the process again to make two more circles. With your three circles, move two of your circles so that they are closer to each other leaving one with space either side.

Take the piece of wire with 2 circles and place the two ends either side of the middle twists, lower over the lone circle in the group of three to make a 5 petal flower shape.

Twist one end of wire around the other ends to make a stem.

Taking the wire tool or crochet hook, place it sideways under a petal and very slightly bend the petal over the crochet hook handle or tool tweezer.



Choose your nail varnish colour, paint the petal. Paint inside the petal from one side to the other. You will need a couple of strokes for the varnish to catch but it then will stretch to fill the petal hole.

Make some leaves by making a 2 circle stem and pulling the circles to make ovals with the end of the crochet hook or the metal tool. Paint them green.

Repeat this process for a posy of three or five flowers and leaves.

Wrap the ends in washi tape, by cuting a piece of tape about 7 cm long and wrapping on the diagonal, starting at the top and winding down.

Place your posy in a bottle and choose some skinny ribbon, (the photo has a lovely lilac one from jane means) to tie around the bottle. There you have it, a pretty posy of flowers that you made! Why not place on your bedside or dressing table to brighten your mornings?

Make a posy with nail varnish! crafting and home decor site, www.makingforliving.com

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Make flowers with nail varnish!
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