I thought that I would show you the space from where I work in the hope that it might inspire you to make a creative space work for you.

When we last moved (we have moved 3 times in the last 5 years) We were fortunate to find a home that has a small studio in the garden. At the moment it is set up as a creative space which I use and my children raid my supplies from! It is a lovely light room, great for storing messy makes out of the way and creating blog posts in.

creative table

This is my working table/desk, it was tidied up for this shot! I often leave items from upcoming make ideas lying on it until I’m sure of what I am going to do with them, it helps to keep them in my mind whilst I mull over the ideas. I moved that pile of books from another surface whilst taking these photos and forgot they were there! I use cutting mats to protect the surface if I am doing particularly messy makes. The Ercol table is a fab work area, it was my husband’s nan’s, I can lift the flap up if I need extra space. The window brings in lovely light and is a handy storage area for brushes, makes, tools etc.

ercol chair

I love Ercol design from the mid-century era, the simple clean lines of this chair fit perfectly in this space. Sometimes you need furniture that doesn’t visually get in the way, leaving room to focus on the creating.

window ledge

Along one side of the room is a large window which is great for light but also I use the window sill for creating little inspiring vignettes and storage. I use some of the items as storage but also for props in photos. I like to keep arrangements that are pleasing to the eye around the room as it helps with the creative inspiration.

crate sill

I have a dedicated table for photographing makes, I use a pop-up lightcase for some small shots that are not lifestyle arranged. I try to utilise every area so underneath are boxes of paper and the printer.

These shelves house various bits, used in the garden and in crafts. If you have a need to hide messy bits and no chest of drawers, baskets on shelves work just as well.


It’s not all as pretty! I have a need for more storage or less stuff, but sorting and tidying means less time to make – right?! The room is always a work in process and systems that work for a while sometimes need a rethink as the needs change too.

messy shelves


power tools

My diy tools shelving area.

I have recently created 3 pin boards, real ones, not on pinterest! They each are for separate things. One for blog make ideas, one to celebrate the small milestones of challenges that I have made for myself or encouragements in what I am doing. And one will be an inspiring board. I got three cheap pinboards, painted the frames with the Annie Sloan paint that I got in my goodie bag from Blogtacular and covered the cork with some coffee sack material.



When you work for yourself or are a stay at home mum, often no one celebrates the accomplishments that you make. I think it is important to celebrate the stuff achieved, to be your own cheerleader, if there is no one else doing it. It can keep you going in the tough times when things are not going so well.


I have hung some bunting over the window, to hold this up I used Command hooks. Do you use those? If you are renting they are great because there are no holes and they come off the wall when you need to take them down with no mess. I used these ones here (affiliate link)

I have found that having a creative space is an essential for me at home. I haven’t in all of the six houses I’ve lived in as an adult, but certainly have needed it in the last few. It means that I can be creative in snatches of time without having to make a lot of effort just to set it up or equally have to put it all away to eat dinner. It hasn’t always been a whole room, and I may lose that as my children get older and need more space, but even just a desk set up for creating is enough and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to be creative regularly.

Surround yourself with items that give you creative energy and inspire you, get rid of that which doesn’t lift your spirits.


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