Do you decorate your home to reflect the season? Many of us decorate at home to celebrate seasonal occasions such as Christmas or Easter, but I like to bring elements of each current season that I love into my home. I celebrate in a small way the particular season but it also helps with living in the season. For example, in summer when it’s warm no one wants heavy, cosy interiors that add to the heat, we want to feel fresh and cool. I don’t go mad, and who changes out their furniture four times a year? I only make small changes to the living areas, it’s a bit like changing to your summer weight duvet and using things and items that I already have, not shopping for a whole new look. Here’s a collection of summer decorating ideas.

glass display

To go for a summer, light, bright and airy look, I group glass and beach themed pieces together. Vases that I have, a mini candle storm lantern, a glass float, driftwood collected from the beach. The glass reflects the light and lightens up the dark shelves they are sitting on.

seaglass and starfish plate

Looking out for seasonal pieces when charity shopping, means you’ll have something unique that didn’t cost you a fortune. This starfish plate filled with collected beach glass says summer to me and the smoothed glass is so tactile.

blue candlesticks

I do have a blue theme in my living room anyway, so to emphasise this colour, which is cool, I add more white and cream. I grouped these candlesticks together which were elsewhere in the house and the wooden star is one of three that are on my wall the whole year round.

covered chairI covered this chair myself, it’s not the best job, but I love it and the linen and blue stripe is perfect for summer. You could make chair covers for different seasons if your furniture is really dark.

blankets in the basket

I always have a basket of blankets in the living room as the kids and I like to snuggle under them in the evening. In the summer in the evenings when the heating isn’t on it can get quite cool. In summer they are cream and white and lighter weight fleece in the winter I could swap them for warmer coloured and woollier ones.

travel books

In the summer my thoughts turn to travel and places I’ve been or would like to go. I’ve grouped together on my bookshelves, books with blue and green coloured spines they happen to be a lot of travel books! I added in some of the children’s books too. It adds to the theme in terms of looks but also what I want to reach for to look at in the summertime.

Using ribbons or twine you have around a spool (picture above and below) and beads in bottles can be a creative way to add colour details.



candle plate

I use candles on this plate all year round, if you don’t have a fire to look at candles can be a good substitute. I’ve taken off the pine cones that I had around them in winter and placed it next to a blue glass bowl for the tv remotes on my coffee table/chest. To get the look and feel you want, search the house for items you might not have thought about using in another room. The kitchen can be a good room to take bowls and glass items from.

Baskets can create a beachy feel, one of my children keeps leaving their games loose on the bookshelf next to the chair where they sit, so I gathered them together in this basket. I placed this starfish painted stone which was painted by one of my children next to it. They can be prolific artists and it’s nice to keep some of their pieces for seasonal decorating, it adds a personal and unique touch.

For more summer looks and makes check out the tab ‘summer makes’ above or see a selection below.

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Lighten up – summer decorating ideas
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