leather tassel key ring

An alternative gift to the usual flowers, why not make a leather tassel and tag key ring for this Mother’s Day?

You will need, leather pieces, scissors, leather glue, split ring, metal punch letters block and hammer, pen, and tape.


First cut your strip of leather for your tag, tape to your metal block and mark out even spaces on your tape for your letters to go. In this case I was going to stamp out, ‘love u mum’ so thats 10 spaces for letters when including the spaces between your words.

Mark out leather

Stamp on your letters.

glue strip

Thread your ring onto the strip, and glue the leather.

For your tassel, you’ll need an oblong of leather and a small strip, make a hanging loop with the small strip (top left in photo below). Then measure, mark and cut strips up your length of leather piece, leaving about 2 cm uncut at the top.

Cut leather strips

Glue the back of the strip of leather at the uncut section. Place your loop at the beginning of the strip and begin to roll it up.

glue tassel

I love these tassels! I made some more.

Leather tassels


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Leather tassel key ring with tag

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