Now that it is nearly summer I’m thinking of nautical themed makes as my thoughts turn to the seaside and holidays and snatching those sunny days at the beach. Keeping the coastal vibe at home in decor to remind me of how good it feels to be beside the sea! Using my fish template make some nautical, stripey, fabric lavender fish, filled with fragrant lavender. Perfect for hanging in a bathroom! This make is one from my book ‘Making for living and giving’

Lavender fish

You will need: stripey fabrics, dried lavender, buttons, bakers twine. Equipment: template (see below), needle and thread or sewing machine, scissors.

Cut out 2 large fish shape and 4 smaller fish shapes from fabrics using the template, two for each fish. Pin two fish shapes right sides together. Cut a length of twine, make a loop and knot to hold. Place the loop inside the two fish-shaped pieces with the ends of the twine sticking out the ‘nose’ of the fish. (Your hanging loop should be inside the fish.) Using a sewing machine or needle and thread, sew around your fish pieces, sewing the twine in place but leaving a 4cm gap to turn fish right way out. Turn the fish inside out, your fish should have it’s loop for hanging coming from its ‘nose’. Using the hole in the side of the fish, fill with it lavender, then sew up the gap with an invisible hand stitch. Sew on a button for an eye. Make the two other fish in the same way and string together with more twine. Hang your string of scented fish somewhere to enjoy.

fish template

Get this tutorial and template and more seasonal make tutorials in the ‘Making for living and giving’ ebook or print book.

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Lavender fish
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