So, there are loads of IKEA RAST hacks /makeovers that can be seen all over the internet-land. I’m adding another one, because of course we need one?! I hope it’s some what different, but it is, at least, unique to me. The idea was to take something that was plain, basic and quite frankly, cheap and make it look aged, custom, countrified and chic in a shabby country kind of way.

IKEA Rast chest of drawers. £20
Our bedroom has been the last room to have any thought given to its design, we have had mis-matched items for bedside tables since we have been married and often it’s been just what fits in the space in each of the six bedrooms we’ve had. It’s kind of stupid how much that I have loved having matching bedside tables this past week, I feel like I have a grown up bedroom all of a sudden. I also feel guilty and consumerist for enjoying this when items owned shouldn’t matter this much. They really don’t. Anyway, enough of the self examination and on with how to get this look.

IKEA RAST make over country style

In an earlier post I showed how I painted some book shelves for my bedroom with chalk paint, I did the same here. For these though I used a blue (Annie Sloan chalk paint Louis blue) for the undercoat, not the pink I used on the bookshelves.

I distressed them in the same way to get the shabby chic/country look I was going for. This meant painting the areas on the drawers that would get worn on an aged piece of furniture. So the edges and around the handles, and the handles mainly. Then painted them with a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Old white, let dry and sandpapered the ‘worn’ places to let the blue show through. Then waxed the piece with Annie Sloan clear wax.

distressed chalk paint effect

I wanted to make the drawers feel a little more chunky, substantial. I chose to put a chunky top on the drawers so got some wood and some thinner beading for the edging, to create a new top. We did buy the wrong size wood at first due to some confusion over measurements, and were going to go for a planked top, but went instead for a solid piece just slightly larger than the existing top. My husband cut it all to fit as he is better with the jigsaw than me. We also filled in a part at the bottom of the drawers, with another length of wood, so that it aligns with the bottom drawer.

Chunky top added to RAST

I added some little key hole brass fronts, as some other drawers that I have, that are old, have key holes and so these now match and I think it adds to the aged look. I painted the inside of the brass key fronts with some black paint so it looks like a hole but with out the drilling.

chunky drawer handles makingforliving


I changed out the handles that the drawers came with for larger chunkier ones, that I painted. I also had some blue handles that I’ve had for years and I found some pink ones to match, I used these on the top drawers. I think this IKEA RAST hack is a more country and shabby chic look for the drawers. It’s perfect for the soft feel in the bedroom.

blue drawer handle makingforliving

pink drawer handle makingforliving

rast makeover 2 makingforliving


See what I did with the original RAST drawer handles here:

RAST drawer handles
Crate and finial hanger

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jewellery hanger
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IKEA RAST hack – country bedside tables

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